N E A T (ni:t) adj.
1.free from dirt and disorder, habitually clean and orderly.
2.marked by tasteful simplicity.
3.marked by skill or ingenuity.

Mission & Vision

I will simplify your life by organizing your home.

My philosophy is simple:   Speak kindly, act thoughtfully, and live with intention.   It’s the way I approach each client, and every single project.   I strive to give the best of myself, and to bring out the best in you.   You will learn how to declutter.   We will find personalized systems that suit your lifestyle, personality, and organizing style.   I will teach you to incorporate positive habit building strategies.   Being organized means more than having a picture perfect home.   It’s about creating a space that nurtures you and your family.


I have been organizing all my life.   When I was younger, I used to love reorganizing the fridge and linen closet. It was a regular Saturday afternoon for me…and still is, to this day.   So when I tell you that I love organizing, it’s the truth – it’s in my bones.

This doesn’t mean that my house is always perfect.   The opposite, actually. The reason I can related to my clients is that I’ve been there before.   I’ve let life get in the way of keeping up my house.   I’ve had things accumulate until it was overwhelming.   I’ve been an absent minded, retail therapy, get a good deal kind of shopper.   I’ve let my house get upside down as I was dealing with life’s unexpected surprises.   And also, I’ve had to find a way out of it.

In my life, I have experienced four moves, three serious relationships, two serious breakups, one marriage, one dog, a broken wrist, two babies, and two miscarriages.   I have been by the side of family members who have battled cancer, lost their spouses, parents, and siblings. In each of these situations, I have seen how a house can either be an overwhelming burden or a sanctuary.   My mission is to help my clients find comfort and efficiency in their home, through organization.   It’s a life changing process that helps them process their real life changes.

When I discovered organizing as a profession, I finally realized what I wanted to do when I grew up. I combined an education in Industrial Engineering, over 10 years of corporate experience and all of my life lessons to create Ever So Neat.   It’s been a true journey of passion and desire to help others in their own relationship with organizing.   It has been my way to cultivate gentle loving kindness in the world.

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